Animated Images

These images document my fascination with the intensity of color that is possible on modern backlit screens. My intention is to use as much color and contrast as the screen will allow. All colors are at maximum hue and saturation on the hsv range. I animate them by generating each frame as an svg file using node scripts. The vector images are rasterized and stitched into animated gifs by imagemagick. Click on these thumbnails to see higher resolution images.

model: Brooke
photographer: Martin Celt
model: Tyson Smith
photographer: Martin Celt
supplemental image processing: Justin MacDonald
This is the logo for some band. The color of each moving band shifts as it moves towards the center. For maximum impact, view this image on a black background.
This is a Warhol-style array showing the many smiling faces of Martin Celt. Made in collaboration with Caleb Fleisher.
Made in collaboration with Caleb Fleisher.